Speech is the stream of thought moving outward from the soul to the lips.

Plato from The Sophist

Your task is to evaluate a series of scenarios you commonly experience in every day life, and to rate your speech.

For each instance, you will be presented with a scale of four answers in which you will be asked to consider where you think your recent speech effort might be placed for each answer. Move each scale to the appropriate point, then proceed to the next scenario.

After you go through each scale, the next scenario will present it's self until you reach the end of the evaluation. Your total Stuttering Severity Score will be calculated and shown as a bar graph to you.

You may take the evaluation as often as you like; however, it is recommend that you take the Stuttering Evaluation once a month. Once you have taken the evaluation twice, your cumulative results will be tabulated and displayed for you as a line graph over time so that your long-term fluency progress can be visibly seen and shared with your therapist.

After you take this evaluation, you are encouraged to continue evaluating your fluency by taking the Perceptions of Stuttering Inventory (PSI) test.