Cutting edge research conducted by the staff of the Hollins Communications Research Institute (HCRI) has demonstrated the valuable role of scientific analysis in the creation of an objective, reliable, and effective 12-day treatment for stuttering. At HCRI, stuttering therapy represents a specific combination of advanced behavioral and computer technologies that enhance the learning and retention of fluent speech.

98% of HCRI program graduates say they would recommend this advanced stuttering therapy program to others who stutter. For many HCRI graduates, stuttering therapy is a one-time experience as fluency has replaced stuttering and continued therapy is not necessary. For persons who wish to have post-therapy support, HCRI offers a variety of services, including FluencyNet, a new internet accessible home or office fluency support system that is available to alumni on a 24 / 7 basis.

This treatment is only available at HCRI in Roanoke, Virginia USA, and has treated over 4900 persons who stutter. If you stutter, or know someone that stutters, we invite you to learn more about the effective stuttering therapy provided at HCRI. To receive information by mail about HCRI's stuttering therapy, Click Here, or call us at: (540)265-5650.

After you complete the examination, you are encouraged to continue to the Perceptions of Stuttering Inventory (PSI) test, a copyrighted instrument that we use for routine evaluations of how people react to the presence of stuttered speech.